Searching PovNet's Find An Advocate Directory

PovNet might not have exactly what you are looking for listed in our directory. Here are some ideas to help you make your search for an advocate easier.


Location, Location

You may live in a town that we do not have any specific listings for. If you are not getting any results for your search, try these suggestions:

Change your search to include regions and cities that are close by, and/or province/territory-wide organizations.

Our directory listings for rural areas and smaller communities are often limited, and there may not be very many advocates working in those regions.

Type of Advocacy

Some advocates and organizations have provided us with a short description and a link to their website, instead of including a complete list of extensive services. This means that an organization that does welfare advocacy may not be directly catagorized as such.

Keywords: Less is More

HINT! Spelling is important (unfortunately)!

The keyword search is useful if you already know the name of an advocacy organization, or are looking for something very specific.

When using keywords in your searches, you will find that they are less effective the more you combine.

Close But Not Quite

If you found that none of the above suggestions helped you locate an advocate who can help you who is close by, try searching for an organization that does provide the type of advocacy you require in different region of your province/territory. You can also try using the "Province-wide" location option, to look for large provincial organizations.

Contact them and ask them if they can provide you with a referral (a contact for another advocate who can help you) or to pass on any other information they might have.

Don't give up! Sometimes you may have to call a few places to find a good referral and some useful information.