December 22, 2009
IM-POWER-ED is a one-year project that aims to assist all groups of temporary foreign workers (TFWs) in orienting, educating and empowering themselves via access to public legal education and...
Keywords: Online Resource , Education, Immigrants and Refugees, Immigrants/Refugees/Newcomers, Legal Info (PLEI), Multilingual, temporary foreign workers, Workers' Rights, British Columbia, Research and education
February 25, 2009
MOSAIC is a multilingual non-profit organization dedicated to addressing issues that affect immigrants and refugees in the course of their settlement and integration into Canadian society. They...
Keywords: Online Resource , child protection, criminal justice, Family, family law, Immigrants and Refugees, Immigrants/Refugees/Newcomers, Legal Info, Legal Info (PLEI), Multilingual, multilingual, British Columbia, Factsheets and FAQs, Manuals and guides
January 9, 2009
Keywords: Find An Advocate , General Advocacy, disability advocate, Employment and Unemployment, Family, Food and Foodbanks, Housing and Tenants, legal clinic, Legal Info (PLEI), Multilingual, Violence, Welfare, Penticton
December 10, 2008
Keywords: Find An Advocate , Employment and Unemployment, Multilingual, Territory-wide, Territory-wide, WCB, Workers, workers compensation
December 5, 2008
Keywords: Find An Advocate , General Advocacy, Children and Youth, Debt, Family, Immigrants and Refugees, Indigenous, Legal Aid, Legal Assistance, Multilingual, Seniors and Elders, Women, Workers, Nanaimo
October 14, 2008
CLEO offers many text and audio guides on a variety of legal topics. These guides are available in several languages, including Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin and Simplified Chinese), Somali, Spanish,...
Keywords: Online Resource , Aboriginal/First Nations/Inuit, Arabic, chinese, CLEO, Debt and Consumer Law, Disability, Education, Employment, Employment Insurance (EI), Family, Family, Health, Housing and Tenancy, Immigrants and Refugees, Immigrants/Refugees/Newcomers, legal help, Legal Info, legal info, Legal Research, Multilingual, Seniors and Elders, Somali, Spanish, Tamil, Urdu, Welfare, Women, Workers' Rights, Youth, General resources, Manuals and guides, Ontario, Multimedia
September 20, 2008
Keywords: Find An Advocate , All of Canada, Immigrants and Refugees, immigrants services, Multilingual, protection for refugess, refugee services, settlement workers, sponsorship
September 20, 2008
Keywords: Find An Advocate , Children and Youth, crime victim, Crisis Services, crisis support, Family, family violence, human trafficking, Indigenous, Legal Info (PLEI), Multicultural, Multilingual, multilingual, Province-wide, Seniors and Elders, sexual violence, Territory-wide, Violence, Women
September 19, 2008
Keywords: Find An Advocate , All of Canada, Canadian Pension Plan, CPP, Employment and Unemployment, Employment Insurance, farm workers, general labour rights, health and safety, health cards., Immigrants and Refugees, migrant workers, Multilingual, Parental Benefits, Quebec Pension Plan, tax returns, translation, worker's compensation, Workers, Workers’ Compensation, working conditions
September 19, 2008
Keywords: Find An Advocate , CPP, ei, Employment and Unemployment, farmworkers, Immigrants and Refugees, income tax return, migrant workers, Multilingual, Province-wide, temporary foreign workers, translation, worker's compensation, Workers
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