March 25, 2010
LEAF - the Women's Legal Education and Action Fund - is a national charitable organization that works toward ensuring the law guarantees substantive equality for all women in Canada.
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March 25, 2010
The goal of the Advisory Council is to help advance women’s equality. They are an arms-length organization governed by the Status of Women Advisory Council Act. The Advisory Council was created in...
Keywords: Online Resource , Women, Campaigns and initiatives, Organizations
Reach Canada
March 17, 2010
Reach is a lawyer referral organization that helps people with all disabilities including people who are deaf, hard of hearing, people with physical disabilities, mental health issues, developmental...
Keywords: Online Resource , AIDS, chronic pain, deaf, Disability, Housing, Immigrants and Refugees, legal help, Legal Research, pro bono, Ontario, Organizations, Services
March 8, 2010
The Doorway assists young people exiting the street culture in becoming self-sufficient and engaged members of society while also engaging members of the community as partners in this transition.
Keywords: Online Resource , Alberta, street youth, Youth, Organizations
March 2, 2010
The Association of Community Legal Clinics of Ontario (ACLCO) is the representative body of Ontario's community legal aid clinics. The Association's objectives are to: Improve the legal welfare of...
Keywords: Online Resource , community legal clinics, Legal Aid, legal clinics, Legal Research, Organizing, Ontario, Organizations
February 26, 2010
This web site is created by the Ontario Project for Inter-Clinic Community Organizing (OPICCO). It offers information and resources to help legal clinics, community agencies, activists and low-income...
Keywords: Online Resource , community development, law reform, legal information, Legal Research, Organizing, social justice, Campaigns and initiatives, Manuals and guides, Ontario, Organizations
Support Worker Central
February 18, 2010
Support Worker Central is an online database designed to match individuals, families and agencies with support workers in their communities.
Keywords: Online Resource , Disability, Family, family support, people with disabilities, support workers, British Columbia, Directories, Organizations
Inland Refugee Society
February 4, 2010
Inland Refugee Society (IRS) is a non-profit, non-governmental agency dedicated specifically to assisting families and individuals seeking refugee protection in Canada.
Keywords: Online Resource , emergency housing, Food and Foodbanks, food bank, Housing and Tenancy, Immigrants/Refugees/Newcomers, refugee claimant services, British Columbia, Organizations
December 2, 2009
The ESPC is an independent, non-profit social research organization. Their work is primarily focused on increasing public awareness and promoting positive policy change on issues related to low-...
Keywords: Online Resource , Alberta, equitable social policy, Poverty Research, social planning, social research, Organizations
November 17, 2009
The Global FoodBanking Network (GFN) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating, supplying and strengthening food banks and food bank networks throughout the world. They do this by supporting...
Keywords: Online Resource , food banks, Foodbanks and Food, global, Campaigns and initiatives, Organizations, International
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