March 25, 2009
HealthLink BC is a website and has a phone line (8-1-1) where BC and Yukon residents can access non-emergency health information and services. On the website you can learn about health topics and...
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January 24, 2009
Yukon Legal Services Society (YLSS) is Yukon's legal aid service provider. If you need a lawyer but cannot afford to pay, we may be able to help by providing a lawyer at no cost or at a very low cost...
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October 15, 2008
Homelessness Action Week is held in communities across BC and the Yukon between October 12-19, 2008. Find out what is happening in your community: Homeless Action Week Events (Link removed - No...
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May 23, 2008
Pioneer Utility Grant helps eligible people 65 and over with home heating costs.
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January 8, 2008
New research by Jack Hicks, a social research consultant living in Iqaluit, Nunavut, tracks how suicide trends in the Arctic correlate with increased colonialism and modernization in the Arctic....
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December 10, 2007
According to a press release put out by the Yukon Health and Social Services ("Proposed Social Assistance Reforms Announced,") the ministry has reviewed social assistance rates and programs and has...
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June 26, 2007
Last week, at the National Aboriginal Women's Summit, the Minister for Heritage and the Status of Women announced five years of funding to build and support women's shelters on reserves. According to...
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June 11, 2006
Bishop Gary Gordon, who recently moved to Whitehorse, believes that a food bank would be a large help to the community. He is working with local anti-poverty advocates urging the establishment of one...
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May 4, 2006
A Whitehorse chatolic mission that originally opertated to give out emergency food to the city's needy has begun to operate as a food bank. As the numbers of people who came to recieve emergency food...
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January 8, 2006
The increased cost of fuel has made it difficult for Elders and low income earners of the Yukon's Kwantlen-Dun nation to pay their energy bills. The First Nation's Director of Finance is very...
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