January 21, 2015
People in Canada’s northern territories continue to be troubled by food prices that are dramatically inflated relative to other parts of the country. Statistics Canada data from 2009, the last year...
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July 9, 2014
Whitehorse residents and community leaders gathered in the rain Friday to express their disapproval of the government’s decision to scrap an affordable housing program in the city. About 40 people...
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February 11, 2014
This online resource provides extensive links to Yukon government websites.
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February 11, 2014
Yukon Health and Social Services is the department responsible for welfare in the Yukon.
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January 29, 2014
Yukon Housing Corporation's social housing program is primarily for low-income individuals, families and seniors in need who cannot obtain affordable and suitable housing on the private housing...
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Feeding my family
April 2, 2013
The Feeding My Family group has been working to bring awareness to the fact that the high cost of food is preventing many Northerners from living healthy, happy and productive lives. From Northern...
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November 15, 2011
As Occupy encampments around the world are being violently evicted, residents of a six month old tent city in Whitehorse have moved a couple of meters in response to an eviction notice. Since June,...
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August 24, 2011
A series of podcasts by people involved in the history of the self-government movement in Yukon, "Voices of Visions" offers 10 20 minute podcasts. The podcasts are available in mp3 format, allowing...
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June 1, 2011
The website of Homelessness Action Week, organized in Metro Vancouver by the Regional Steering Community on Homelessness. The website has news, resources, and information on homelessness and how to...
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May 30, 2011
This is the Yukon government website. From this site you can link to ministry web pages and government laws and regulations.
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