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July 17, 2009
An article in RaceWire looks at the myth of gay affluence and how poverty affects queer people of colour. Recent research looked at American census data and found queer couple families are...
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June 19, 2009
Barbara Ehreneich, the author of “Nickel and Dimed”, has written an editorial in the New York Times about how the media has been concentrating on how the economic downturn has effected the upper and...
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May 22, 2009
Recently the international media has been focusing on the number of tent cities and shantytowns in the cities and towns across America. According to an article on AlterNet, the media is not asking...
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April 13, 2009
A story in the New York Times investigates how about a dozen advocacy groups around the country are actively moving homeless people into vacant homes, sometimes moving them back into their homes that...
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April 13, 2009
The Street News Service (SNS) is a gateway to the best articles, essays and features published by street papers worldwide.
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December 30, 2008
Marykate Connor, founder of Caduceus Outreach Services in San Francisco, talks about her innovative work helping homeless people with mental health problems. She discusses the criminal justice system...
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December 30, 2008
An hour-long interview format, Madness Radio focuses on personal experiences of 'madness' and extreme states of consciousness from beyond conventional perspectives and mainstream treatments. They...
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December 12, 2008
Food banks across the US and Canada are deeply affected by tough economic times both by a decline in donations and an increase in demand. The US government has started shifting the federal government...
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December 2, 2008
A Miami activist organization, Take Back the Land, has started moving in homeless individuals and families into empty foreclosed homes. Take Back the Land asserts: "that it is immoral to maintain...
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September 20, 2008
After more then twenty-five years the New York City municipal government has finally decided to settle a lawsuit filed by the Legal Aid Society to draw attention to homeless families. The lawsuit...
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