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Art from the Streets is a documentary which tells the story of a program for homeless people who are given the opportunity to produce art. The volunteer program established in Austin, Texas in 1991...
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This amazing online art exhibition presents the work of artists who have sought to bring attention to the tragedy of homelessness. Since the Great Depression, artists in the US have not only acted as...
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The Real Change News site gives the homeless in Seattle an opportunity to publish their writing and advertise their artwork for sale as well as providing its readers with information on issues...
Keywords: Art and Culture, Homelessness, Seattle, United States
The Bay Area-based welfareQueens, a project of the POOR News Network, are fighting back against a system that dehumanizes poor mothers—with poetry, theater, and any other media tool they can access.
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The Poor News Network out of the US has a YouTube channel with videos about poor workers, indigenous people and more.
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