Prince Edward Island

May 30, 2011
This is the Prince Edward Island government website. From this site you can link to ministry web pages and government laws and regulations.
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May 25, 2011
PEI Association for Newcomers to Canada is the sole immigrant agency in PEI that provides settlement and social inclusion programs for immigrants as well as cross-cultural awareness and public...
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PEI Newcomers Guide
December 2, 2010
This guide is intended for new immigrants settling in Prince Edward Island (PEI), Canada. In the Guide you will find basic information about: What should be the first steps to take when you have...
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October 20, 2010
The P.E.I. Department of Health is moving forward with plans to expand its needle exchange program to Montague. Read more: Needle exchange expanding to Montague | CBC
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October 13, 2010
The Social Assistance Program helps Islanders meet their basic needs when they are unable to provide for themselves. The program provides benefits on a case-by-case basis to Islanders who meet the...
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March 25, 2010
Cooper Institute is a development education centre which does popular education and research. Cooper Institute works with groups that are organized for social change, such as primary producers,...
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February 9, 2010
PEI Disability Alert Blog and some other PEI blogs are now publishing under the Not Just News site. The NJN Network publishes blogs and news about disability, advocacy and PEI.
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January 24, 2009
This program has eight full-time staff lawyers. They provide representation in family and criminal law to clients who, for financial reasons, would be unable to obtain essential legal services from...
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October 5, 2008
PEI raised its minimum wage from $7.75 to $8.00 but advocates and poverty organizations say that it is still not enough for the basic necessities. A Statistics Canada report says average weekly wages...
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April 11, 2007
Information and Analysis on the PEI Budget: 2007 PEI Budget Address Highlights of the PEI Provincial Budget (in PDF) CBC article - "Disability advocate fears increase not enough" CBC article - "...
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