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October 8, 2013
A new report by the Wellesley Institute, has found that refugees have faced adverse health effects since the federal government cut health care coverage to claimants in mid-2012. The report, The...
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Families of Sisters in Spirit
September 26, 2013
Two grassroots organizations, No More Silence and Families of Sisters in Spirit, are launching a community-based database of missing and murdered indigenous women and girls, compiled by the victims’...
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Reimagining Accessibility Challenge
September 24, 2013
The Lieutenant Governor of Ontario has launched the Reimagining Accessibility Design Challenge to challenge students to redesign the traditional disability symbol of a wheelchair and create a more...
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September 10, 2013
Yesterday the Conservative government announced a three year freeze on Employment Insurance premiums for employees and employers by saying that less people are unemployed and collecting EI. Advocates...
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August 7, 2013
Throughout the winter and spring of 2013, the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) conducted wide-ranging consultations to gather input on Canadians’ views on the social determinants of health. Public...
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July 16, 2013
A paper published by a University of Guelph researcher, who focuses on the history of food in Canada, has found studies conducted after World War Two that researched the effects of malnutrition by...
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July 8, 2013
There has never been an inquest into the death of a migrant worker under the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program in Canada. In Ontario the Coroners Act provides for mandatory inquests for certain...
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July 8, 2013
CBC has a multimedia site on prison and indigenous women called, Warehousing Indigenous Women. Currently, indigenous women are the fastest growing prison population and account for 31.9 per cent of...
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Idle No More
June 28, 2013
Idle No More has launched a new website and communications platform to engage people around Sovereignty Summer.
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June 27, 2013
This page contains information for Canadians on planning for retirement on a low income. It includes a toolkit of resources, an update page, and a link to a blog about financial literacy. It takes...
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