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April 11, 2012
The Nova Scotia CAP Association has launched a website, to save the Community Access Program (CAP) that ensures all Canadians have equal access to the Internet and technology and have...
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April 11, 2012
A new national movement to end homelessness was launched last week to end homelessness in ten years. The mission of the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness is to create a national movement to...
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Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness
April 11, 2012
The Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness has been formed to create a national movement to end homelessness in Canada from the community up.
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April 2, 2012
As part of the Federal Budget, the Tories have eliminated the National Council of Welfare (NCW). This shocking news will impact on many, not the least will be those who relied on NCW reports in anti...
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March 30, 2012
Below are some links to commentary and analysis of the 2012 Federal Budget. Most notably in yesterday's budget is the increase in age for Old Age Security from 65 to 67 which will disproportionally...
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March 26, 2012
Women sleep on the streets of our major cities, a virtual guarantee of experiencing sexual assault. Women trade survival sex with men for a place to crash for the night. Teenage girls, fleeing sexual...
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People’s Citizenship Guide: A Response to Conservative Canada
March 22, 2012
In 2009, Stephen Harper’s Conservative government changed the contents of the official citizenship guide that is given to all recent immigrants. The new version contained a lot more military history...
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March 16, 2012
With housing prices at record levels, a University of British Columbia-led study finds that new Canadians are struggling to find adequate and affordable housing in the country’s three largest cities...
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Alternative Budget 2012
March 16, 2012
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) has released its annual Alternative Federal Budget for 2012. This anti-austerity budget would: Tackle poverty and income inequality by investing in...
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February 27, 2012
The Caledon Institute has put together a report that declares that substantive evidence does not support that Old Age Security will be unsustainable in the future. This is a political statement...
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