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May 29, 2011
The Real Change News site gives the homeless in Seattle an opportunity to publish their writing and advertise their artwork for sale as well as providing its readers with information on issues...
Keywords: Art and Culture, Homelessness, Seattle, General resources, United States
May 29, 2011
PDF (Portable Document Format) files are files that have been created by a program called Adobe Acrobat. PDF files have rapidly become a standard format on the internet because they allow...
Keywords: Technology, General resources, International
May 25, 2011
This site acts as a virtual library on Non-Governmental Organizations.
Keywords: ngo, Organizing, General resources, International
May 25, 2011
The Centre for Refugee Studies is engaged in research on refugee issues; it informs public discussion as well as policy development and practice innovation by international, governmental, advocacy...
Keywords: Human Rights, Immigrants and Refugees, General resources, Research and education, International
May 25, 2011 is a searchable database of organizations with 20,000 entries in 140 countries. Idealist connects people, organizations, and resources to help build a world where all people can live...
Keywords: Organizing, Directories, General resources, International
May 25, 2011
The Settlement.Org website provides newcomers with information and resources to settle in Ontario, Canada.
Keywords: General resources, Ontario
May 25, 2011
The Human Rights section of the website of the Under Secretary for Civilian Security, Democracy, and Human Rights at the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labour in the US State Department.
Keywords: Human Rights, General resources, United States
March 11, 2011
Debt 101 is an online resource for managing student loans in Canada. Features include financial advice, calculators, rules for student aid, discussion and student aid application forms. Debt 101...
Keywords: student aid, student loans, General resources, All of Canada
August 18, 2009
The National Coalition for the Homeless is an American network of people who are currently experiencing or who have experienced homelessness, activists and advocates, community-based and faith-based...
Keywords: Homelessness, Housing, Poverty Research, General resources, United States
July 30, 2009
As part of UFCW Canada’s effort to help Walmart workers join the union, it launched several years ago. The website is dedicated to providing Walmart ‘associates’ with the...
Keywords: Workers' Rights, General resources, All of Canada
July 17, 2009
Race Forward, formerly known as the Applied Research Center (ARC), is a racial justice think tank and home for media and activism. ARC investigates the hidden racial consequences of public policy...
Keywords: Ethnicity and Race, Media, Poverty Research, racial justice, General resources, United States
July 4, 2009
This resource guide put out by TRAC is useful for tenants who are renting condos. It lays out the roles and responsibilities of tenants and landlords in strata properties. (Updated 2012 version)
Keywords: Housing, strata, Tenants' Rights, British Columbia, General resources
June 19, 2009
Citizens for Public Justice (CPJ) is a national organization of members inspired by faith to act for justice in Canadian public policy.
Keywords: Government Policy, Homelessness, Housing, Human Rights, Indigenous, Poverty Research, General resources, All of Canada
June 12, 2009
The Rabble Activist Toolkit is a “wiki”, a group of collaborative webpages that members can create and modify. Its purpose is to provide a dynamic online repository of useful guides,...
Keywords: activism, Organizing, General resources, All of Canada
June 12, 2009
The Good Jobs For All is an alliance of community, labour, social justice, youth and environmental organizations in the Toronto region. It was formed in 2008 to start a focused dialogue on how to...
Keywords: Unemployment, Workers' Rights, General resources, Ontario
June 4, 2009
The District of Parry Sound Poverty Reduction Network is a non-partisan organization that is composed of representatives from several social agencies in the district along with concerned individuals...
Keywords: anti-poverty, Organizing, parry sound, Poverty Research, General resources, Ontario
May 14, 2009
Settlement Arts is a Toronto-based organization that has been established to use exhibition and education to advance issues of immigration and settlement. Settlement Arts’ first project is the...
Keywords: Art and Culture, Immigrants and Refugees, photography, General resources, Ontario
April 23, 2009
FoodNet Ontario is a province-wide network of organizations and individuals working together to create sustainable local food systems and achieve (community) food security in communities across...
Keywords: Foodbanks and Food, General resources, Ontario
March 30, 2009
The Dominion is a monthly paper published by an incipient network of independent journalists in Canada since May 2003. They publish articles, analysis and investigative series on issues that affect...
Keywords: Indigenous, Media, General resources, All of Canada
March 30, 2009
The Childcare Resource and Research Unit (CRRU) is a policy and research oriented facility that focuses on early childhood education and child care (ECEC) and family policy in Canada and...
Keywords: Children and Youth, Family, Women, General resources
March 29, 2009
For listings, analysis and resources on all provincial and territorial budgets for the present year, check out the Canadian Social Research Links Budget page.
Keywords: Government Policy, General resources, All of Canada
March 25, 2009
In October 2008, close to 200 people from across Ontario who develop and deliver information to help their clients and communities understand their legal rights came together at the Learn, Grow,...
Keywords: Legal Research, General resources, Ontario
March 25, 2009
The Greater Moncton Homelessness Steering Committee was established in 2000 to bring together agencies that work with the homeless and those at-risk, and to put the issue on the public agenda. Their...
Keywords: Homelessness, Organizing, New Brunswick, General resources
March 25, 2009
TRAC Tenant Resource and Advisory Centre is an educational charity that provides information about residential tenancy law in BC. They deliver this information through their website, multilingual...
Keywords: residential tenancy law, British Columbia, General resources
March 25, 2009
HealthLink BC is a website and has a phone line (8-1-1) where BC and Yukon residents can access non-emergency health information and services. On the website you can learn about health topics and...
Keywords: nutrition, pharmacist, British Columbia, General resources, Yukon
March 22, 2009
Stats & Facts, a on-line service of the Canadian Council on Social Development, provides accessible and accurate statistical information. This site is intended for anyone with an interest in...
Keywords: Poverty Research, statistics, General resources, All of Canada
March 22, 2009
NARCC is committed to being a national, community-based, member-driven network that provides a strong, recognized, effective and influential national voice against racism, racialization and all other...
Keywords: Ethnicity and Race, Organizing, General resources, All of Canada
March 22, 2009
Making Choices is the comprehensive guide to mental health services, supports and resources in the City of Toronto. It is intended to provide both an overview of parts of the mental health system,...
Keywords: mental health, General resources, Ontario
March 22, 2009
The Urban Poverty Project 2007 is a series of comprehensive analytical reports, resource tools, and data profiles which take a broad look at different aspects of urban poverty in Canada, using...
Keywords: Poverty Research, urban poverty, General resources, All of Canada
February 25, 2009
MOSAIC's guide A Guide to Humanitarian and Compassionate Applications (H&C) for refugee claimants in Canada. Note that other languages are available on the MOSAIC website.
Keywords: refugee claim, British Columbia, General resources, All of Canada
February 25, 2009
CKUT, a non-profit campus community radio station owned by the students of McGill University and operated almost entirely by its volunteer membership, has an annual Homelessness Marathon that is 14...
Keywords: Homelessness, Media, General resources, Québec, All of Canada
February 1, 2009
What is Admininstrative Law? All levels of government make laws and regulations that affect us every day. For example, the municipal government makes laws about whether a certain type of business can...
Keywords: admin law, dispute resolution, hearing, regulatory agency, self-help, tribunal, British Columbia, General resources
January 27, 2009
Social Planning Toronto is committed to independent social planning at the local and city-wide levels in order to improve the quality of life for all people in Toronto. It is committed to diversity...
Keywords: Poverty Research, social planning, Toronto, General resources, Ontario
January 24, 2009
Legaltree is a collaboratively built legal research resource. While some of the content on Legaltree is contributed by the site administrators, the focus is on content contributed by lawyers in the...
Keywords: Legal Research, General resources, All of Canada
January 24, 2009
The Public Legal Education and Information Service of New Brunswick's website has publications on a wide range of legal topics including wills and estate planning, family law, family violence,...
Keywords: Legal Info (PLEI), Legal Research, New Brunswick, General resources, Research and education
January 16, 2009
The Institute for Work & Health (IWH) is an independent, not-for-profit research organization. At IWH, our goal is to protect and improve the health of working people by providing useful,...
Keywords: Disability, Health, Workers' Rights, General resources, All of Canada
January 14, 2009
Poverty and Human Rights Centre Law Sheet: Using International Social and Economic Rights in Anti-Poverty Advocacy International human rights law has an important role to play in advocacy work...
Keywords: Human Rights, Poverty Research, General resources, All of Canada, International
January 9, 2009
BC Laws provides free public access to the current laws of British Columbia. This unofficial current consolidation of BC Statutes and Regulations is updated continually as new and amended laws come...
Keywords: Legal Research, British Columbia, General resources
December 30, 2008
This site is designed as a tool for public reporting about social programs in Ontario. It is intended to facilitate access to information and analysis, and to encourage debate about the adequacy of...
Keywords: Government Policy, Poverty Research, social policy, General resources, Ontario
December 30, 2008
CROP is a response from the academic community to the problem of poverty. CROP concentrates on research. The major aim is to produce sound and reliable knowledge, which can serve as a basis for...
Keywords: Poverty Research, General resources, Research and education, International