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January 11, 2011
A site created by the Government of Ontario provides information and tools to help prevent, identify and act to control bed bug infestations. There is information for tenants, landlords, social...
Keywords: bedbugs, Factsheets and FAQs, Ontario, All of Canada
January 7, 2011
MEDIA INDIGENA is an interactive, multimedia magazine dedicated to Indigenous news, views and creative expression. From the battlefield of politics and policy to the beauty of arts and culture, we...
Keywords: Art and Culture, Children and Youth, Indigenous, indigenous, Technology, Multimedia, All of Canada
December 14, 2010
This site, now over ten years old, has an amazing amount of links and is updated on a weekly basis. Everything you need to know about government policy, welfare rates, social policy, poverty...
Keywords: Disability, Family, Foodbanks and Food, government, Government Policy, Housing, Human Rights, Indigenous, Poverty Research, Seniors and Elders, social policy, social research, statistics, Unemployment, Gateways, All of Canada
December 9, 2010
People First is an organization that was formed because some of the people in our communities felt that they were not considered as people first. They felt that they were talked about, talked to,...
Keywords: Disability, Organizations, All of Canada
December 9, 2010
The Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network ( promotes the human rights of people living with and vulnerable to HIV/AIDS, in Canada and internationally, through research, legal and policy...
Keywords: Health, HIV/AIDS, Human Rights, Legal Info (PLEI), Legal Research, Campaigns and initiatives, All of Canada
November 23, 2010
A non-profit, non-partisan charitable organization representing the interests of low-income people in Canada. Help us work towards the eradication of poverty.
Keywords: Organizing, poverty reduction, Poverty Research, Campaigns and initiatives, All of Canada
November 23, 2010 is a national, non-profit organization working to advance and support an open and innovative communications system in Canada. They strive to make media and telecommunications more...
Keywords: internet, media, Technology, Campaigns and initiatives, All of Canada
November 18, 2010
Research, presentations and reports from the Bed Bug Symposium 2010 Conference Proceedings.
Keywords: bed bugs, Housing, Reports and documents, All of Canada, Research and education
October 13, 2010
The Association of Workers' Compensation Boards of Canada has information where you can find Worker related information at each of the Workers' Compensation Boards/Commissions across Canada.
Keywords: WCB, workers' commissions, workers' compensation, Directories, All of Canada, Services
August 19, 2010
This Stats Canada site includes statistics and reports on individuals and families living with low income in Canada, various provinces, or other geographical units (e.g., cities, small towns, and...
Keywords: inequality, low income, Poverty Research, poverty statistics, Stats Canada, Government information, Reports and documents, All of Canada, Research and education
August 19, 2010
The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives' Growing Gap project takes an in-depth and sustained look at one of the biggest challenges of our time: Worsening income and wealth inequality in Canada....
Keywords: Debt and Consumer Law, income gap, Poverty Research, Reports and documents, All of Canada, Research and education
June 29, 2010
A broadcast of stories from survivors which was shared at the National Truth and Reconciliation event in Winnipeg.
Keywords: Indigenous, Multimedia, All of Canada
June 29, 2010
The Right to Housing Blog documents the Right to Adequate Housing Charter Challenge. The court is being asked to declare that homelessness and inadequate housing violate the Charter of Rights and...
Keywords: Blogs, charter challenge, Homelessness, Housing, right to housing, Campaigns and initiatives, Ontario, All of Canada
April 29, 2010
The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada has a mandate to learn the truth about what happened in the residential schools and to inform all Canadians about what happened in the schools. The...
Keywords: Children and Youth, Education, Indigenous, residential schools, residential schools, Organizations, All of Canada
March 25, 2010
LEAF - the Women's Legal Education and Action Fund - is a national charitable organization that works toward ensuring the law guarantees substantive equality for all women in Canada.
Keywords: Legal Research, Women, women's equality, women's legal education, women's rights, Organizations, All of Canada
March 24, 2010, a National HIV/Housing Portal, is a space for people living with HIV/AIDS (PHAs), service providers and researchers to learn more about issues related to HIV/AIDS and housing.
Keywords: Health, HIV/AIDS, HIV/AIDS, Housing, housing and health research, housing directory, Directories, Gateways, Reports and documents, All of Canada, Services
February 23, 2010
Canadian Social Research Links has put together information for each Canadian province and territory that has implemented or is considering implementing a strategy against poverty. An incredible...
Keywords: anti-poverty strategies, Government Policy, poverty reduction campaigns, Poverty Research, Campaigns and initiatives, Government information, Reports and documents, All of Canada
December 9, 2009
The Indigenous Peoples’ Poverty Alleviation Community Action Tool (CAT) is both a framework and a tool designed to assist indigenous communities and community organizers (COs) to investigate ways to...
Keywords: Indigenous, Campaigns and initiatives, Manuals and guides, All of Canada
November 20, 2009
A song and music video entitled From Stilettos to Moccasins was developed from the findings of a research project that examined the role of identity and stigma in Aboriginal women's healing from...
Keywords: aboriginal women, addictions, Art and Culture, drug use, Health, Indigenous, song, video, Women, Multimedia, All of Canada
November 17, 2009
Local Housing Initiatives Across Canada Map is a initiative of the Wellesley Institute to map housing initiatives across Canada and start a campaign to build a national housing plan from the...
Keywords: Homelessness, Housing, housing initiatives, mapping, Campaigns and initiatives, All of Canada
November 17, 2009
Food Banks Canada is the national organization that represents the food bank community across Canada. (Formerly the Canadian Association of Food Banks (CAFB)).
Keywords: food banks, Foodbanks and Food, Organizations, All of Canada
November 16, 2009
Murray Dobbin, now living in Powell River, BC, is one of Canada’s most popular progressive political commentators and analysts and has been a journalist, broadcaster, author and social activist for...
Keywords: Blogs, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, economic policy, Government Policy, All of Canada
October 20, 2009
The Canadian Council for Refugees is concerned about Canada’s recent shift to temporary migration, which marks a dramatic change in policy for which there has been little public debate. In 2008, the...
Keywords: Immigrants and Refugees, temporary migrant workers, Workers' Rights, Reports and documents, All of Canada
October 20, 2009
The Canadian Association of Sexual Assault Centres has a list of rape crisis centres, transision houses and women centres across Canada.
Keywords: transition houses, violence against women, women centres, Directories, All of Canada
October 19, 2009
The Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada lists housing co-operatives across Canada. Most co-ops have rent-geared-to-income units, and some offer housing for people with special needs. To apply...
Keywords: co-op housing, housing listings, Directories, All of Canada
September 29, 2009
The Rural Women Take Action on Poverty Committee have produced a fine resource for social justice activists: Counting Women In - A Toolkit for Rural Action on Poverty. The toolkit is a resource to...
Keywords: rural poverty, toolkit, Women, women in poverty, Campaigns and initiatives, Manuals and guides, All of Canada
September 2, 2009
A National CCPA report on how the recession is affecting women living in poverty.
Keywords: Poverty Research, recession, Women, women's poverty, Factsheets and FAQs, All of Canada
July 30, 2009
As part of UFCW Canada’s effort to help Walmart workers join the union, it launched several years ago. The website is dedicated to providing Walmart ‘associates’ with the...
Keywords: Workers' Rights, General resources, All of Canada
July 17, 2009
All Together Now! is a national campaign for public services, good jobs, tax fairness and labour rights. It is run by The National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE), one of Canada's...
Keywords: Government Policy, Workers' Rights, Campaigns and initiatives, All of Canada
June 19, 2009
Citizens for Public Justice (CPJ) is a national organization of members inspired by faith to act for justice in Canadian public policy.
Keywords: Government Policy, Homelessness, Housing, Human Rights, Indigenous, Poverty Research, General resources, All of Canada
June 12, 2009
The Rabble Activist Toolkit is a “wiki”, a group of collaborative webpages that members can create and modify. Its purpose is to provide a dynamic online repository of useful guides,...
Keywords: activism, Organizing, General resources, All of Canada
March 30, 2009
The Dominion is a monthly paper published by an incipient network of independent journalists in Canada since May 2003. They publish articles, analysis and investigative series on issues that affect...
Keywords: Indigenous, Media, General resources, All of Canada
March 29, 2009
For listings, analysis and resources on all provincial and territorial budgets for the present year, check out the Canadian Social Research Links Budget page.
Keywords: Government Policy, General resources, All of Canada
March 25, 2009
A project by Raising The Roof, this website offers practical tools, resources and information sharing for frontline staff, managers and volunteers working to address the problem of homelessness in...
Keywords: advocacy, agencies, campaigns, frontline workers, Homelessness, Housing, initiatives, resources, service providers, Tenants' Rights, Directories, Gateways, All of Canada, Services
March 23, 2009
The mission of the Canadian Council on Social Development is to develop and promote progressive social policies inspired by social justice, equality and the empowerment of individuals and communities...
Keywords: Organizing, Poverty Research, social policy, Organizations, All of Canada
March 22, 2009
Stats & Facts, a on-line service of the Canadian Council on Social Development, provides accessible and accurate statistical information. This site is intended for anyone with an interest in...
Keywords: Poverty Research, statistics, General resources, All of Canada
March 22, 2009
NARCC is committed to being a national, community-based, member-driven network that provides a strong, recognized, effective and influential national voice against racism, racialization and all other...
Keywords: Ethnicity and Race, Organizing, General resources, All of Canada
March 22, 2009
The Urban Poverty Project 2007 is a series of comprehensive analytical reports, resource tools, and data profiles which take a broad look at different aspects of urban poverty in Canada, using...
Keywords: Poverty Research, urban poverty, General resources, All of Canada
February 25, 2009
MOSAIC's guide A Guide to Humanitarian and Compassionate Applications (H&C) for refugee claimants in Canada. Note that other languages are available on the MOSAIC website.
Keywords: refugee claim, British Columbia, General resources, All of Canada
February 25, 2009
CKUT, a non-profit campus community radio station owned by the students of McGill University and operated almost entirely by its volunteer membership, has an annual Homelessness Marathon that is 14...
Keywords: Homelessness, Media, General resources, Québec, All of Canada