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May 29, 2011
The Social Security Tribunal (SST) is an administrative tribunal that provides appeal processes for Employment Insurance (EI), the Canada Pension Plan (CPP), and Old Age Security (OAS) decisions. The...
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May 29, 2011
Persons with Disabilities Online is a huge Government of Canada database containing links related to disability issues created in collaboration between Federal/Provincial/Territorial Ministers...
Keywords: Disability, Government information, All of Canada
May 29, 2011
The Volunteer Legal Advocacy Program (VLAP) offers advocacy resources such as booklets on topics like: disability insurance, human rights, Canadian Pension Plan disability benefits, self-advocacy,...
Keywords: advocacy resources, Disability, Legal Research, Reports and documents, All of Canada
May 29, 2011
Justice Beyond the Walls is dedicated to the protection and advancement of human rights in Canadian prisons. There are links to various court, government, NGO, international, human rights and media...
Keywords: Human Rights, Legal Research, Prisoners' Rights, Organizations, All of Canada
May 29, 2011
Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC) undertakes solid legal and research services on behalf of consumers. The Centre website has research and reports on consumer issues concerning...
Keywords: Debt and Consumer Law, Legal Research, Utilities, Organizations, All of Canada
May 29, 2011
The Association for Canadian Studies (ACS) has released some research publications on low income in Canada. The reports cover such things as income levels for immigrants, prevalence of low income...
Keywords: low income research, Poverty Research, Reports and documents, All of Canada
May 29, 2011
Poverty and Human Rights Centre has a searchable database of materials related to social and economic rights. It includes texts of relevant international human rights treaties, Canadian and other...
Keywords: Human Rights, Poverty Research, Reports and documents, All of Canada, Research and education
May 29, 2011
CanLII is a non-profit organization managed by the Federation of Law Societies of Canada. CanLII's goal is to make Canadian law accessible for free on the Internet. This website provides access to...
Keywords: Legal Research, Reports and documents, All of Canada
May 29, 2011
Homeless Nation is a non-profit endeavor founded by Daniel Cross, a documentary filmmaker whose films deal with social justice and Canada's homeless. In the making of his films "The Street" and "S.P....
Keywords: Blogs, Homelessness, Organizing, Multimedia, All of Canada
May 29, 2011
Upping the Anti is a radical journal of theory and action which provides a space to reflect on the state of political organizing in Canada.
Keywords: Organizing, Organizations, All of Canada
May 29, 2011
A group fighting against the forces which marginalize women in Canada.
Keywords: Organizing, Women, Organizations, All of Canada
May 29, 2011
Seven Oaks Magazine serves a a critical voice to political actions, both inside and outside of Canada.
Keywords: Media, Organizing, General resources, All of Canada
May 29, 2011
The Disability Research Information Page (DRIP) was launched by the Canadian Council on Social Development (CCSD) for centralized access to all CCSD disability research information.
Keywords: Disability, Organizations, All of Canada
May 27, 2011
Despite the fact Aboriginal peoples offer diverse skills to the workforce, their participation in the labour force is lower and their unemployment rate higher than that of non-Aboriginal Canadians....
Keywords: Indigenous, Unemployment, Manuals and guides, All of Canada
May 27, 2011
The Homeless Nation's resource page has a listing of resources available categorized by Province.
Keywords: Homelessness, Gateways, All of Canada
May 25, 2011
Status of Women Canada (SWC) is a federal government organization that promotes the full participation of women in the economic, social and democratic life of Canada.
Keywords: Human Rights, Women, Government information, All of Canada
May 25, 2011
The Edmonton Coalition Against War and Racism co-ordinates campaigns on issues such as the U.S. occupation of Iraq. It also ran a Campaign to Stop Secret Trials and Deportations to protect and expand...
Keywords: Alberta, Ethnicity and Race, Human Rights, Legal Assistance, Campaigns and initiatives, All of Canada
May 25, 2011
Housing New Canadians is a research partnership between the University of Toronto and York University, focused on housing access and discrimination in the Toronto area, where about forty percent of...
Keywords: Housing, housing discrimination, Immigrants and Refugees, Toronto, Ontario, Organizations, All of Canada, Research and education
May 25, 2011
A national charity which works to develop national and local strategies to prevent and end homelessness.
Keywords: Homelessness, Organizations, All of Canada
May 25, 2011
Information on treaties, economic development. Social development program includes income support reform, children's issues, poverty and disabilities.
Keywords: Indigenous, Organizing, Organizations, All of Canada
May 25, 2011
The IDRC is a Canadian Government corporation that does research on international development issues.
Keywords: development, Government Policy, Poverty Research, Organizations, All of Canada, Research and education, International
May 25, 2011
The Mennonite Central Committee's refugee sponsorship program website.
Keywords: Immigrants and Refugees, Campaigns and initiatives, Organizations, All of Canada
May 25, 2011
Association for New Canadians is a non-profit, community based organization that provides settlement and integration services for immigrants and refugees.
Keywords: Immigrants and Refugees, Organizations, All of Canada, Services
May 25, 2011
The Canadian Human Rights Commission administers the Canadian Human Rights Act and is responsible for ensuring compliance with the Employment Equity Act. Both laws ensure that the principles of equal...
Keywords: Human Rights, Workers' Rights, Government information, Organizations, All of Canada
May 19, 2011
The Council is a coalition of Canadian voluntary sector organizations working globally to achieve sustainable human development. CCIC seeks to end global poverty, and to promote social justice and...
Keywords: end poverty, Organizing, Organizations, All of Canada, International
May 19, 2011
The National Youth In Care Network is a national charitable organization driven by youth and alumni of care across Canada. The NYICN exists to voice the opinions and concerns of youth in and from...
Keywords: Children and Youth, Organizations, All of Canada
May 19, 2011
FSNA is a not-for-profit association dedicated to protecting the rights and enhancing the benefits of federal retirees. Their website also contains valuable information relevant to all seniors,...
Keywords: federal government, Organizing, pension, retirees, Seniors and Elders, Organizations, All of Canada
May 19, 2011
The website of Veterans Affairs Canada contains information on services and benefits for veterans.
Keywords: seniors, veterans affairs, Government information, All of Canada
May 18, 2011
The Homelessness Partnering Strategy (HPS) is a unique community-based program aimed at preventing and reducing homelessness by providing direct support and funding to communities across Canada. HPS...
Keywords: federal government, homeless, Homelessness, Government information, All of Canada
May 18, 2011
The Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada (CHF Canada) is the national voice of Canada's co-operative housing movement.
Keywords: co-operative housing, coop, Housing, housing, Organizations, All of Canada
May 18, 2011
CHRA is a national non-profit organization representing those who manage and deliver housing programs in communities across Canada.
Keywords: affordable housing, Homelessness, Housing, national housing strategy, social housing, Organizations, All of Canada
April 28, 2011
The CVITP helps eligible individuals who are not able to complete their income tax and benefit returns by themselves. Introduced in 1971, this program was intended to ensure that all taxpayers had...
Keywords: income tax, taxes, volunteer tax clinic, Government information, All of Canada, Services
April 18, 2011
Dignity for All is a multi-year, multi-partner, non-partisan campaign. This campaign’s vision is to make a poverty-free and more socially secure and cohesive Canada a reality by 2020. The conviction...
Keywords: fighting poverty, Government Policy, Organizing, poverty free, Campaigns and initiatives, All of Canada
April 12, 2011
Social assistance policy manuals are an important source of detailed information about such questions as initial and ongoing eligibility, the treatment of assets and income, how benefits are...
Keywords: Disability, social assistance, social assistance, Welfare, welfare manual, welfare policy, welfare policy, Government information, Manuals and guides, All of Canada
April 8, 2011
The Canadian Council for Refugees is a non-profit umbrella organization committed to the rights and protection of refugees in Canada and around the world and to the settlement of refugees and...
Keywords: immigrant rights, immigrant rights, Immigrants and Refugees, newcomers, newcomers, refugee reform, refugee reform, refugee rights, refugee rights, Campaigns and initiatives, Factsheets and FAQs, Organizations, Reports and documents, All of Canada, Research and education
March 11, 2011
CLEO (Community Legal Education Ontario) has developed clear, accurate, and practical legal rights information to help people who have low incomes or face other barriers, such as language or literacy...
Keywords: community workers, community workers, Legal Info (PLEI), public legal education, public legal education, webinar, webinar, Manuals and guides, Ontario, Multimedia, Programs and courses, All of Canada
March 11, 2011
Debt 101 is an online resource for managing student loans in Canada. Features include financial advice, calculators, rules for student aid, discussion and student aid application forms. Debt 101...
Keywords: student aid, student loans, General resources, All of Canada
January 26, 2011
Peacock Poverty is a blog written collectively by a group of individuals with experiences of poverty who have joined together to share knowledge, strength, talent and wisdom with each other and their...
Keywords: Blogs, lived experience, living in poverty, Poverty Research, All of Canada
January 12, 2011
LawCentral Canada is a portal or collection of links to law-related information and educational resources on justice and legal issues of interest to Canadians. Our purpose is to create an educated...
Keywords: charter rights, civil law, criminal law, family law, legal help, Legal Info (PLEI), Directories, All of Canada
January 12, 2011
LawCentral Français est un portail ou une collection de liens vers des renseignements en matière juridique ainsi que des ressources éducatives concernant la justice et les enjeux juridiques d’intérêt...
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