Out of the Shadows at Last

The Senate Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology released its fifth and final report on mental health, mental illness and addiction in Canada: “Out of the Shadows at Last.” The report is the culmination of over three years of extensive study and makes more than 100 recommendations designed to improve services for Canadians dealing with mental health issues. The full document is over five hundred pages and includes many valuable recommendations. Part 1 of the Senate Committee report (in PDF), Part 2 of the report (focus on what the Federal government can do, in PDF), < a href="http://www.parl.gc.ca/39/1/ParlBus/commbus/senate/com-e/SOCI-E/press-e/08may06-e.htm" title="a media release from the Senate">a media release from the Senate, and the report's Table of Contents (in HTML).