National Coalition on Housing and Homelessness

(Editor's note, June 2010: Link removed due to changes in organization. This organization is no longer active.)

The National Coalition on Housing and Homelessness believes it is time for the federal government to take action to deliver housing that low income Canadians can truly afford. Canadians can send a message during the current federal election campaign by asking candidates to support a new federal affordable housing initiative. The Coalition supports a new dedicated federal social housing program to help build 25,000 homes per year for families and individuals for at least the next decade. The new program would ensure the creation of new housing to be available to low and middle income Canadians, including meeting the needs of the aboriginal community.

The National Coalition on Housing and Homelessness is supported by a variety of organizations including the Canadian Housing and Renewal Association, the National Anti-Poverty Organization, the Co-op Housing Federation of Canada, the National Aboriginal Housing Association, the United Church of Canada, Family Service Canada, the Anglican Church of Canada, the Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association, Raising the Roof and the Toronto Disaster Relief Committee."