WCB Core Review in Progress

The British Columbia Government is in the process of reviewing all of its core services and systems of administrative justice. A part of this review involves a comprehensive review of the Workers' Compensation Board (WCB). The review is being done within a relatively short time frame and has a strict process attached to it. The only groups allowed to make recommendations to the Legislation and Policy core reviewer (Alan Winter) are the Workers' Compensation Advocacy Group's (WCAG), the Federation of Labour, a consortium of employers' associations, and the Workers' and Employers' Advisers Offices (a total of 5).

The Workers' Compensation Advocacy Group's submission to the Core Review of Legislative and Policy Issues discusses the important legislative and policy changes that are under active consideration by the government. WCAG's submission is based on eleven fundamental principles that should govern workers compensation. WCAG's entire document (in PDF) submitted for review includes a number of appendices - previous related reports and submissions - as a part of the submission.

WCAG has a 16 page submission (in PDF) to Allan Hunt's Core Review deals with Service Delivery Issues .

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