Online Community Manager for PovNet

Sep 1 2019 - 5:00pm

To start, the contract will provide compensation of $30.00 per hour for approximately 34 weeks (35 hours per week).


Compensation: The funding we have received is for a contract position for the duration of this project, however, our organizational goal is to secure funding to make this position ongoing and permanent. At that time, the position would undergo a review and assessment with regards to salary, benefits and other working conditions.

Job Description: 

PovNet was established in 1997 as a non profit organization and online community of anti- poverty advocates, social justice lawyers and other front line workers, who assist BC’s most marginalized with their poverty law issues. PovNet builds online tools to help community advocates communicate and support each other, strategize about cases and systemic issues, collaborate on projects, and share tools and resources.

PovNet is currently building a new online platform, which will enhance the tools and resources we can offer and allow our community to grow and support new members.

We are searching for a Community Manager. Do you have a passion for the social justice sector and would like to be part of improving access to justice in BC? Do you have the skills to learn new online tools and technologies? Are you creative and enjoy engaging with and teaching others?

The position will be located in the Vancouver office however we may consider other options for the right candidate.
This role reports directly to the Executive Coordinator.

Skills and Qualities Required: 

Some related skills that may be an asset:
• Experience as a community advocate or other frontline role
• Familiarity with the platform Discourse
• Website design & maintenance
• Social media strategy & campaign development
• Grant writing
• Animation

Duties and Responsibilities: 

Work closely with the platform developers to ensure that the end product will meet the needs of the community and PovNet.
• Ensure that the established workplan is adhered to or adjusted as required.
• Develop and implement an onboarding plan to ensure the successful migration of current members, and identify and recruit new members.
• Design and deliver training materials to help members engage successfully in the community, and provide technical support as needed.
• Identify, collect and interpret community metrics.
• Engage and build relationships with other members of the Access to Justice Community.
• Follow daily posts and newly added resources to monitor suitability and adherence to community guidelines.
• Define, maintain and execute an ongoing community plan and report regularly on the community’s performance against goals.
• Ensure fresh content is being shared in the community, a variety of voices are being heard, valuable discussions are occurring, and questions receive timely replies.
• Actively participate in the community, model the desired behaviors, and be visible as a leader and member.
• Network with other community leaders, both inside and outside of the organization to stay current in the field of community management.
• Identify, recruit and manage key leaders and subject matter experts to post, reply, and provide guidance to the community.

How to Apply: 

If you are interested in this opportunity, please email your resume to povnet [at] gmail [dot] com.


Vancouver, BC