Human Rights Advocate and Education Coordinator

Vancouver Island Human Rights Coalition
Jul 29 2019 - 5:00pm

25 - 35 hours per week (negotiable)


$23 to $27 per hour$23 to $27 per hour

Job Description: 

The Vancouver Island Human Rights Coalition (VIHRC) is a community based, non-profit agency that serves people on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands who have experienced discrimination as defined by the British Columbia Human Rights Code. Since its inception in 1983, VIHRC has played an important role in the human rights landscape on Vancouver Island. Our advocates provide clients with information and assistance in bringing human rights complaints to the BC Human Rights Tribunal.

Our small yet active organization is looking to hire a new Human Rights Advocate and Education Coordinator who is driven, organized, and compassionate. This person should be well-versed in anti-oppressive practice, have a strong background in advocacy, and be comfortable working with marginalized groups. They should be sensitive to the needs of individuals who have experienced discrimination, and have knowledge of community resources and alternative means of advocacy.

We are also looking for someone with experience working in the non-profit sector who can offer some experience as the organization grows and evolves.

The Role
VIHRC advocates provide front-line advocacy by equipping people with information about the BC Human Rights Code and the human rights process, and helping with the drafting and filing of complaints with the BC Human Rights Tribunal. Although the human rights process aims to be accessible to all, in reality, many people experience considerable difficulty at all stages of the process. VIHRC understands that the BC Tribunal’s ‘direct access’ mode to filing a human rights complaint directly with the Human Rights Tribunal assumes levels of mental and cognitive capacity, language and legal literacy, education, fluency in English, and other standards that do not reflect the diversity of complainants. VIHRC’s aim is to make the Human Rights Tribunal more accessible to those who have experienced discrimination.

Skills and Qualities Required: 

- A degree in Social Work, Social Justice, Political Science, Law, or a related field, or currently enrolled, or equivalent work experience
- Experience designing workshops or training
- Ethical and professional advocacy skills including written and verbal communication, tact, discretion, and the ability to navigate communication with persons of limited literacy or comprehension of English
- Ability to work independently and maintain productivity without significant direction
- Comprehension of, and/or personal experience with, the nature and effects of oppression and social disparity, as well as the ability to recognize, articulate, and explain the operation of systemic oppression
- Strong organizational skills, ability to manage a diverse caseload
- Have a working knowledge of human rights law, particularly the Human Rights Code and other relevant legislation
- A track record of maintaining or building positive relationships in multiple communities

- A background in legal advocacy and / or casework
- Experience working within a Board of Directors and in a non-profit organization
- Written and verbal skills in French, or another language other than English.
- Experience working with youth, including mentorship, teaching, tutoring, or similar educational responsibilities

Duties and Responsibilities: 

As a Human Rights Advocate with a special focus on Education, you will:
- Provide information, support and advocacy to individuals who may have experienced discrimination
- Provide intake services including telephone and email inquiries, drop-in services, and client meetings, as well as appropriate support and referrals for individuals who may be in crisis
- Draft letters and assist individuals on drafting Human Rights Complaints
- Lead the delivery of training and education programs, including the upcoming Youth Rural Initiative Project
- Design and deliver our upcoming VIHRC Youth Rural Initiative Project, which includes touring around Vancouver Island providing human rights education to youth. Please note: some travel will be required
- Coordinate and delegate work to volunteers and placement students working with VIHRC
- Maintain office hours for community members seeking advocacy
- Collaborate with the Board of Directors to improve service delivery, help with administrative tasks, and conduct strategic planning. Participate in monthly Board of Director meetings
- Develop and deliver public legal education presentations on human rights law
- Develop and maintain positive relationships within multiple communities
- Assist with the maintenance of VIHRC social media accounts

How to Apply: 

To apply, please send resume and cover letter to workatvihrc [at] gmail [dot] com by Thursday, July 25th, 2019. Please note, we are looking to hire as soon as possible. Interviews will be scheduled for the week of July 29th 2019. Given this accelerated timeline, we will do our best to accommodate your schedule.
VIHRC is an affirmative action employer. If you choose to identify yourself as a member of a minority or protected class, we will consider this in the hiring process.


Victoria , BC