High Food Prices In Canada’s North Reaching “Crisis” Levels

People in Canada’s northern territories continue to be troubled by food prices that are dramatically inflated relative to other parts of the country. Statistics Canada data from 2009, the last year for which data was available, estimates average yearly household grocery expenses in Nunavut at $14,815, more than twice the national average.

A recent Global News article has drawn attention to a BC woman’s efforts to help mitigate the impact of high food prices for northern residents. “Jennifer Gwilliam [a Vancouver Island resident] has started a Facebook group called Helping Our Northern Neighbours and along with more than 7,500 others, has been sending care packages to families. Members are matched with a family in the north and must fulfill their promise to send a package, either once or by becoming a family sponsor.” Some may wonder whether broader systemic solutions would be a preferable way to address high food prices in Canada’s north. The Federal government does operate a program called Nutrition North Canada, though high prices have continued to persist.