Child Poverty Report Card Released by First Call BC

British Columbia has the fifth highest child poverty rate in Canada, according to the 2014 Child Poverty Report Card released today by First Call B.C. Child and Youth Advocacy Coalition. This means one in five British Columbian children are living in poverty, the same rate as when First Call started tracking child poverty in BC nearly two decades ago, according to First Call.

The Tyee sought the advice of three anti-poverty organizations, asking each to suggest one initiative to alleviate poverty.

The First Call report says recent immigrants are especially vulnerable to poverty. Queenie Choo, chief operating officer of SUCCESS, said the provincial and federal government can help immigrants avoid poverty altogether by recognizing more foreign academic credentials.

"You might have seen people working in a job where that's not where their skill sets are because they couldn't get their credentials recognized," she said.

"Some people who might be [trained] as an engineer but they couldn't get their credential recognized, [so they] drive a taxi."