Canada Without Poverty hoping to argue "social condition of level of education" as a discriminatory ground

Canada Without Poverty (CWP) has joined forces with the Charter Committee on Poverty Issues (CCPI) in a legal case going to the Supreme Court of Canada in October 2014. The case is called Taypotat v. Kahkewistahaw First Nation.

The case is about discriminatory electoral rules on Aboriginal reserves that prevent people without a Gr. 12 education from running for public office. It’s being brought forward by an Aboriginal Elder – Louis Taypotat – who never attained his Gr. 12 because he dropped out of the residential school system.

CWP/CCPI is going to argue that the electoral rule discriminates against Louis based on the social condition of level of education. In other words, that the rule discriminates against him because of a number of social factors that created barriers to him attaining a grade 12 education.