Gender pay gap has become normalized

In honour of the first Equal Pay Day in Ontario (Wednesday April 16th), PovNet has collected some news articles and resources for you to read.

The gender pay gap has become normalized. Critics often explain this discrepancy away by women's poor choices and lack of negotiation skills, as this Rabble news article explains.

In Ontario, there is a 31 per cent gender pay gap, not just because women are being underpaid for performing identical jobs as men. The Rabble article notes that the gap also exists because entire job classes thought as being "women's work" are undervalued and underpaid. "It isn't that women choose jobs that are in lower-paid industries, it is that any industry that women dominate automatically becomes less respected and less well-paid."

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives has several reports and studies on the topic. The first is "Ontario's Gender Pay Gap: A Growing Concern ", which finds troubling statistics but also provides ideas for policy makers on how to narrow the gap.

Another CCPA resource "Ontario's Gender Gap: Women and Jobs Post-Recession", which found that young women suffered nearly double the rate of decline in their employment when compared to young men.