Happy International Women's Day!

There are several important articles and websites PovNet would like to share with you on International Women's Day.

The first is the "He to She" campaign, a UN Women Campaign that asks men to raise their voices for change for the treatment and empowerment of women.

The second is Rabble.ca's Activist Toolkit roundup: International Women's Day. It includes links to various ways to become an activist for women's rights, including signing a petition for Harper to investigate missing and murdered Aboriginal women in Canada.

Third is a Toronto Star article entitled "How Canada keeps some immigrant women in their place." It explains how Canada's immigration laws keep immigrant women in abusive relationships and deny them the security of citizenship. The article ends with the notion that International Women’s Day is the perfect day to change course on these unequal laws.

Finally, here is a piece from Embassy News written by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives's Kate McInturff and Oxfam Canada's Lauren Ravon, called "We need more than words to end violence against women."