Poor-Bashing: The Politics of Exclusion

A new book by Jean Swanson, a long time anti-poverty activist with End Legislated Poverty, challenges how people with power and money attack the poor.

"I am sure that anyone who has experienced living in poverty will find themselves saying 'Yes sister, tell it like it is.' They will also say 'I have always felt hurt by that behaviour or those words but was never able to identify it as poor-bashing until now.' And sadly, they will also say, 'I've always blamed myself for creating my poverty.' For those living in poverty, this book delivers truth and freedom and power."-- Jacquie Ackerley, President (NAPO) and grass roots activist, Victoria.

Published by Between the Lines. ISBN 1-896357-44-X. Buy it from your local independent bookstore, or ask your library to order it.