New Report on Welfare Incomes from the National Council of Welfare

The National Council of Welfare's (NCW) March report on welfare Incomes (in HTML) (the 2002 NCW's report can also be downloaded in PDF) found that welfare incomes were still well below the poverty line in all regions of the country and that most welfare recipients faced further erosion of their already precarious financial situation in 2000 and 2001.

The study concludes:

"Finally, we cannot remain silent in the face of proposals that adopt a U.S.-style approach that would involve for example placing a cap on welfare entitlements, with a lifetime limit on "use". The National Council of Welfare considers this type of thinking to be dangerously simplistic. It is absurd to think that cutting benefits and excluding people from social assistance programs is going to result in a reduction in poverty levels. We believe it is wrong to imagine that reducing the number of welfare recipients will cause the number of workers to increase. It is more logical to believe the opposite: if more people are working, fewer people will need last-resort income. In addition, it is wrong to think that poor families all fit the same homogeneous pattern. "

If you don't want to read the entire report the NCW's press release and the NCW's fact sheets are available online.