Raise the Rates launches welfare food challenge

Raise the Rates has launched a new welfare challenge to everyone: live for one week on $26 worth of food, the amount that a single, able-bodied person on welfare would have.

In January of last year, Jagrup Brar, MLA Surrey Fleetwood, took up Raise the Rates' first welfare challenge, the MLA Welfare Challenge to live on $610 for one month. He spent the month in a shared rental accommodation in Surrey and in a single occupancy hotel in the Downtown Eastside. Over the month he lost 26 pounds and said he was often hungry.

The challenge will start on October 16, World Food Day, and will finish on October 23. The week includes World Poverty Day on October 17th.

Raise the Rates recognizes that one week is not the same as what people on welfare experience, as they have to survive for months on welfare and often lack proper cooking facilities.