BC dietitians say poor people cannot afford healthy food

BC Dietitians have released a report, The Cost of Eating in BC 2011 that brings attention to the fact that many British Columbians don’t have enough money to buy healthy food.

And, it’s not getting any better.

Shelter and food costs have risen significantly over the past decade. However, welfare have remained virtually unchanged. And even when earning more than the new minimum wage, families have barely anything left for other necessities after paying for both shelter and healthy food.

It is well documented that income is closely tied to health. Low-income Canadians are more likely to report poor health and die earlier than Canadians with higher incomes. They spend less on food and eat fewer servings of vegetables, fruit and milk and are less likely to get the nutrients they need for good health.

There are too many people living in poverty in BC and too many people lined up at food banks. Poverty in our communities negatively impacts us all.