Government response to Ombudsperson report on senior care problems doesn't go far enough

The BC Ombudsperson, Kim Carter released the second of two planned reports on her office’s three year investigation into the care of seniors in British Columbia. The Best of Care: Getting it Right for Seniors in British Columbia (Part 2) makes 143 findings and 176 recommendations designed to improve home and community care, home support, assisted living and residential care services for seniors.

In response the BC government has introduced a new senior's advocate and a 10 page "action plan" which includes plans to create an Office of the Seniors' Advocate and a toll-free phone line for seniors and their families by June, 2012. The ministry also plans to make it easier to get information about care facilities, including online access to facility reports.

Seniors' advocates and critics say that the government's plan falls short of protecting vulnerable seniors from abuse.