Poverty reduction plan makes sense in Nanaimo

According to Kim Slater:

Here's what we still know about the province: the child poverty rate in B.C. has reached 12% again and is the highest in Canada for the eighth consecutive year; the overall poverty rate in B.C. is the highest in Canada with more than half a million people living in poverty in 2009; and single mothers, aboriginal people and people with disabilities have historically been some of the most susceptible to poverty, but are now accompanied by more and more other groups.

Here's what we know about Nanaimo: more than 5,000 residents used food banks in Nanaimo this Christmas; there were 695 shelter "stays" in Nanaimo just between Jan. 1 and Oct. 31; there are seven (of 16) census areas in Nanaimo where more than 10% of families have members living in poverty (two areas have more than 20%); and the majority of other residents struggling under the weight of poverty tend to fly under the public radar, but are suffering nonetheless and falling farther and farther behind.