The Cost of Poverty in Canada

Earlier this year the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives published a report entitled, "The Cost of Poverty in BC." With the publication this morning of the National Council of Welfare's report, "The Dollars and Sense of Solving Poverty," the discussion is now about the cost of poverty in Canada.

The report concludes that reducing poverty benefits everyone, and suggests investing in reducing poverty now to reap the benefits in the long term.

From the press release:

"We wanted to show the public and policy-makers that in addition to fairness and justice, there are good economic reasons why we need to make better investments to reduce poverty now" said Council Chairperson John Murphy of Nova Scotia. "The consequences of poverty for Canada are very expensive to remedy. In the case of children, an impoverished first few years may cause irreversible harm. It makes good economic sense to prevent the damage before it is done."

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