Shrinking Minimum Wages

"Ontario has seen a steady decline in the value of its minimum wage because the rate has been frozen at $6.85 for eight long years. In 1995 it was worth $7.89 in today’s dollars. By 2003 inflation had eroded its value to $6.85, inflicting a substantial loss of $1.56 an hour or 18.5 percent." A new commentary published by the Caledon Institute of Social Policy states: "Overall, minimum wages generally have declined since the mid-1970s.... Contrary to what some people believe, the archetypical minimum wage worker is not a middle class teenager working after school for pocket money. In Canada and the US, the majority of minimum wage workers are adults. Four in ten minimum wage workers in Canada work on a full-time basis." Read the Caledon Institute's complete commentary (in PDF).