Power of Women: Building change at the DTES grassroots

A article in rabble.ca talks about the amazing work of the Power of Women (POW) group in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. POW is "a group of women who live in a neighbourhood where residents face a variety of social, political and economic struggles including poverty, homelessness, addiction, child apprehension, violence against women, lack of access to social assistance, police brutality, as well as the stigmatization of living in this particular neighbourhood."

As Shurli Chan, a member of POW for three years, says:

"Over time I watched women who have never said anything before, including myself... started to speak up for themselves and speaking up in terms of social justice, speaking up about one's own experience and then wanting to help other women and people that are in similar situations," says Chan. "And as a result of that we come to bond and we make collective decisions."