Hunger: The untold story of the Recession

Hunger Crisis

The Recession Relief Coalition (RRC) presents Hunger Crisis: Report of the Hunger Inquiry (2011). This report contains shocking testimony about hunger in Ontario as well as recommendations to help resolve this preventable crisis.

Ontarians have just been informed about a new lengthy review of Ontario's social assistance programs, however, the situation is critical for many people and there needs to be immediate action. The RRC now joins the call for a 55% increase in social assistance rates for singles and for increases in all other social assistance rates to restore the buying power they had before the cuts made by Mike Harris' provincial Progressive Conservatives in 1995. Many--including the Liberal and NDP opposition parties--protested bitterly at the time of the 21.6% cuts; restoring social assistance rates has been a widespread goal since then. The increase would cover inflation over the past 16 years, raising the income of a single person on welfare, for example, from approximately $600 to $900 per month. Any less of an increase and a recipient's ability to eat and pay the rent is severely compromised.