Anti-poverty campaign supports federal report calling for poverty reduction plan

Dignity for All: the Campaign for a Poverty-Free Canada — a coalition of over 430 organizations from across the country – applauds the report from the Human Resources, Skills and Social Development and the Status of Persons with Disabilities Committee which calls for the federal government to immediately commit to a federal action plan to reduce poverty in Canada. The report, Federal Poverty Reduction Plan: Working in Partnership Towards Reducing Poverty in Canada, is the result of an extensive three-year study on the federal role in addressing poverty.

Key components of a poverty reduction plan the committee recommends the federal government take action on include:

  • Raising the Canada Child Tax Benefit and supplement to $5000 within 5 years;
  • A long-term national housing and homelessness strategy;
  • Measures to help the most vulnerable – a refundable Disability Tax Credit, easing EI qualifications; increasing adult literacy; increasing and indexing GIS for seniors, implementing an early learning and child care strategy; and
  • Major help for Aboriginal People for housing, education and social services; including elimination of the two per cent cap on federal funding.