Family Service Toronto

Advocacy Description: 

Family Service Toronto (FST) helps people face a wide variety of life challenges. For over 90 years, we have been assisting families and individuals through counselling, community development, advocacy and public education programs. Our services are available to everyone who lives or works in Toronto.

Family Service Toronto is a non-profit, social service agency which offers a variety of counselling programs; one-to-one, with couples and families, or in groups – to help people cope with the challenges of:

• personal, job, relationship, parenting and family problems;
• aging and caring for an aging family member;
• coping with developmental disabilities;
• dealing with separation, divorce and new relationships;
• surviving domestic violence and sexual abuse;
• accessing community resources;
• dealing with sexual and gender orientation issues;
• coping with the impact of HIV/AIDS;
• living in poverty;
• and so much more.


355 Church St.
Toronto, ON M5B 1Z8