Iqaluit Community Tukisigiarvik Society

Advocacy Description: 

The Tukisigiarvik Centre offers practical support and assistance to Iqalummiut individuals and families with personal and family issues, health, healing, education, employment (through resume writing and referring individuals to employment center or government departments and other agencies.

The center works with individuals and other agencies in Iqaluit to help them access the resources they need or to find solutions to their problems.

The center has two Inuit elder-advisors, they teach the traditional skill development and advice on Inuit values, customs, belief and practices – Inuit Qaujimajatunqangit – which form the basis of the helping and counseling services and programs offered by the Society.

Our services include: homelessness; personal and family problems; parenting and relationship skills; anger management; coping skills; traditional skill development, such as ulu making; cleaning seal skins and preparation and sewing; personal hygiene; resume writing; contacting government departments.

The center has sewing machines, shower and laundry facilities. The center also has kitchen and encourage clients make their light meals when food is available, especially traditional food.


P.O. Box 759
Iqaluit, NU X0A 0H0