Food bank use spikes across Canada

Food Bank Canada's annual Hunger Report report shows that food bank use has increased by 18% over the last year. This is the largest yearly increase since 1997.

“It is likely that hunger in Canada is even more widespread than HungerCount findings
suggest,” Ms. Schmidt said. “For every person who turns to a food bank for help, several
others in need of assistance do not ask for it. Canadians need to focus on long-term,
policy-based solutions to resolve the problem of hunger.”

Food Bank Canada recommends that the federal government:

  1. Maintain planned levels of federal transfers, including the Canadian Social Transfer,
    to provincial, territorial, and First Nations governments.
  2. Implement a national poverty prevention and reduction strategy, with measurable
    targets and timelines.
  3. Continue to increase uptake of the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) among low
    income seniors.
  4. Ensure that post-recession economic development and rebuilding takes account of
    the needs of low income Canadians. Only by accounting for those most vulnerable to
    hunger and poverty from the beginning can we arrive at an improved, inclusive social
    and economic reality.
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