What does the Harper EI bill mean?

Overall, analysts say that Bill C-50 will temporarily give additional employment insurance benefits to unemployed long-tenured workers. Most agree that this is not the EI reform that workers and the unemployed were asking for since it is a temporary measure until September 2010, it only applies to workers laid off after January 4, 2009 and it will not likely apply to workers who have been working part time or casually.

The specific criteria:

    A long-tenured worker is someone who meets these criteria:
  • has contributed to the EI program (paid at least 30 percent of the annual maximum EI premiums) for at least seven out of ten calendar years; and
  • has received regular EI benefits for no more than 35 weeks in the last five years.
  • Eligible long-tenured workers would be granted extended regular benefits by between 5 and 20 weeks, depending on the number of years they have worked and paid EI premiums.
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