Response to the 2004 Federal Budget

Response to the Liberals 2004 budget has been swift. From Dennis Howlett, Executive Director of NAPO (National Anti-Poverty Organization): It is a bitter pill indeed for Canada's poor, who as a result, get nothing for social housing, child poverty, Employment Insurance reform or other social needs. Michael Shapcott Research Co-ordinator, One Percent Solution "The latest budget confirms that the federal government continues to put a priority on tax cuts (which primarily benefit wealthy individuals and profitable corporations) over reinvestment in spending programs (such as health care, education and housing)." The CCPA (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives "It's like paying off the mortgage when the roof is leaking and the foundations are crumbling. Eventually, the house isn't liveable anymore." For more detail read the NAPO's full response to the budget(Link removed - No longer exists). The complete New Agenda for Achievement federal budget is available on the Finance Ministry's website.