Nothing new about Tent City, USA

Recently the international media has been focusing on the number of tent cities and shantytowns in the cities and towns across America. According to an article on AlterNet, the media is not asking the right questions about the residents of tent cities, many of who have been homeless and living in poverty for a long time before the economic crisis hit the middle class. According to the advocacy director for a Sacramento foodbank and shelter, Loaves and Fishes "The media are trying to capture a very complex situation in a sound bite. "We've had homelessness in this country for decades. Each person has his or her own circumstance, and you have to tease that out if you're going to address this problem. Why do we care so much for people who suffer for a short time versus those who suffer for a long time? What is that about?"

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"Shantytown, USA" - May 21, 2009, The Dominion