New Poverty and Human Rights Centre law sheet on the rights of homeless

City of Victoria v. Adams is an important new B.C. case about social and economic rights. The issue in this case is whether a City bylaw which required homeless people to remove tents and any overhead protection, while sleeping in Cridge Park, violated their right to life, liberty and security of the person. This is a key case in the development of protections for poor and homeless people in Canada.

The new law sheet describes the issues in the case and the role that international human rights law has played. Victoria (City) v. Adams: Advancing the Right to Shelter is the latest in a series of law sheets produced by the Poverty and Human Rights Centre that are focused on the domestic enforcement of social and economic rights. The law sheets are intended to assist lawyers, front line advocates, and non-governmental organizations who rely on the human rights framework in their advocacy before tribunals and courts, to assist members of vulnerable groups.

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