Reports find links between income and childcare in Canada

A couple of reports have looked at the links between income, women, and childcare in Canada.

Stats Canada just released a report that shows that a sizeable earnings gap exists between Canadian women with children and those without children. The report found that between 1993 to 2004, average hourly earnings of women with children were 12% below those of women without children. The earnings gap between single mothers and single childless women was almost twice as large as that between married mothers and married childless women.

A report card released by UNICEF compares early childhood education and childcare in economically advanced countries. The report card finds that Canada, though one of the most affluent industrialized countries (by GDP), invests relatively little in the earliest years of childhood development. According to the report care by UNICEF, Canada achieves only 1 of 10 benchmarks of minimum standards for early child care and education.

More Information

"Earnings of women with and without children" (PDF) - March 2009, Stats Canada