Native housing crisis in BC

In February, the Victoria Times Colonist published a seven part series about the Indigenous housing crisis on the West Coast. The series exposed the poorly constructed houses, overcrowding, mold and lack of proper sanitation on reserves, as well as the racism Indigenous people face off reserves. An article in The Dominion sums up the series and looks at some of the under lying causes of the housing crisis including the historic and present day role of the federal government. The Dominion article quotes one member of the Snaw-Naw-As First Nation, Lillian Jones, she says, "I guess that the government continues to be the way it's being because they hope that First Nations people will clean up their mess, and there will be no government accountability called to question." Soon after the series Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) Minister Chuck Strahl promised $50 million for Indigenous housing on British Columbia reserves. First Nations leaders and people are taking this announcement cautiously.

More Information

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