East coast report cards on homelessness

Organizations in Fredricton, Moncton and Halifax have all released report cards on homelessness in their cities. The report cards are used to try and identify indicators that can be used to measure future progress or lack of progress in terms of homelessness and people at risk of homelessness. The report cards were originally developed by the Ottawa Alliance to End Homelessness. The east coast report cards found:

  • In Fredricton homelessness was up 15% during the first six months of 2008.
  • In Moncton more than 700 people used emergency shelters in 2007, and 6% of the population was fed during HungerCount 2007.
  • In Halifax a total of 1,252 people stayed in homeless shelters in 2008.
More Information

"Homeless in Fredericton: New report card..." - March 23, 2009, The Wellesley Institute Blog