City of Calgary refuses living wage for casual employees

The City of Calgary has tentatively agreed to a guaranteed "living wage" for its part-time and full-time employees but it won't extend the guarantee to on-call and casual workers, the only ones who have benefited from the agreement.

Vibrant Communities Calgary called on the City of Calgary to be an ethical leader and a model for other employers to follow by adopting a living wage of $12.00/hour or $13.23 in lieu of benefits. The City of Calgary approved the policy only for regular full and part-time workers who were already making more than the living wage and not for the approximately 800 on-call and casual workers.

According to Vibrant Communities Calgary, about 11% of of employed Calgarians over the age of 15 earn less than $12 an hour and women are disproportionately represented among these low wage earners, with 42,500 earning less than $12.00 an hour.

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