Legal aid cuts and access to justice

Some update and history of legal aid cuts in BC:

  • In January, the Legal Services Society announced that due to a significant increase in demand for legal aid, a decrease in non-government funding and no increase in government funding, they will have to lay off staff and cut back on services including the LAWLine and other advocacy services for low income people.
  • In 2002, the BC Liberal government drastically reduced funding for legal aid which has caused a huge back log in the system and has left many poor people stuck defending themselves.
  • On January 30th, more than 250 people came to the Law Society‚Äôs latest public forum, Clearing the Path to Justice to hear top opinion leaders, including the Chief Justice of Canada and the Attorney General of BC, talk about barriers to accessing the justice system and creative solutions to break down those obstacles.

See the links below for some information about the on going problems with legal aid and the access to justice in BC.

More Information

"Statement regarding service and staff changes" - January 13, 2009, Legal Services Society

"Small-town justice steps back into the past" - February 14, 2004, The Tyee