Increasing the minimum wage across Canada

According to a report by the Fraser Institute, increasing the minimum wage in BC and across Canada to $10 will boost unemployment, especially for young people. The BC Federation of Labour and the Canadian Centre for Policy Alteratives (CCPA) dispute the Fraser Institute's claims that the majority of minimum wage workers are young people who live with relatives and that increasing the wage to $10 would not significantly decrease poverty in the province. The BC Federation of Labour says, "The Fraser Institute’s own numbers show that the vast majority of minimum wage earners are adults 20 years and older. These people are trying to pay their bills, fund an education or support a family."

Newfoundland and Labrador is increasing the minimum wage in that province to $10 an hour over the next eighteen months while Manitoba is increasing the minimum wage to $9 by October 2009.

Hourly minimum pay for adults
Province Wage
B.C. $8.00 (as of May 2003)
Alberta $8.40 (as of April 2008)
Saskatchewan $8.60 (as of May 2008)
Manitoba $8.50 (as of April 2008)
Ontario $8.75 (as of March 2008)
Quebec $8.50 (as of May 2008)
New Brunswick $7.75 (as of March 2008)
Nova Scotia $8.10 (as of May 2008)
P.E.I. $8.00 (as of October 2008)
Newfoundland $8.50 (as of January 2009)
Northwest Territories $8.25 (as of February 2007)
Nunavut $10.00 (as of September 2008)
Yukon $8.58 (as of April 2008)
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"Manitoba to hike minimum wage to $9" - December 23, 2008, CBC