More articles on the economic crisis and anti-poverty organizing

Some more articles and resources about poverty and anti-poverty work and policy during the ongoing economic crisis.

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Recession Relief Fund (Link removed - No longer exists)

As an individual or organization you can sign this declaration that calls on the Federal Government to immediately create a Recession Relief Fund which will include:

  • preventing spending cuts to public and private not for profit agencies serving vulnerable people including children, youth, families, immigrants, those who are homeless, un/under-employed, senior citizens, people who are disabled and those suffering from mental illness. (some funding programs are set to expire March 31,2009)
  • increase funding to all HRSDC (Human Resources and Social Development Canada)and settlement programs, including doubling the existing level of funding being provided through the HPI (Homeless Partnerships Initiatives) program to supplement funding that is projected to be lost from private sector sources and increase funding levels as required.

In addition, we call upon the Federal Government to invest a portion of proposed infrastructure spending on social infrastructure by implementing a fully funded National Housing Program.

"Economic crisis and Canada’s poor: Probable impacts, prospects for resistance" - December 11. 2008, Canadian Dimension

John Clarke looks at how poor and working people will and are being affected by the economic crisis and how these communities can resist the "harsh" solutions pushed upon them by governments and business.

"Getting Past the Dreaded “D” Word: How Ontario should deal with deficits" - December 1, 2008, CCPA

During this economic downturn, Ontario could tolerate a deficit in its normal operations of up to $3 billion and provide temporary economic stimulus and support without falling into structural deficit, says an Ontario Alternative Budget report released today by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA).

"Bailout bust: Five steps to a soft landing" - December, 2008, Rabble

In this article, Alice Klien argues that governments should invest in our people's incomes instead of the ailing companies they work for.