1 in 9 children in Canada live in poverty

Campaign 2000 has released the 2008 Report Card on Child and Family Poverty, revealing that 19 years after the 1989 resolution that Canada would resolve child poverty by 2000, one in nine children across the country still live in poverty. The report also shows:

  • Canada’s after-tax child poverty rate appears stalled at 11.3 per cent;
  • Nearly one out every nine Canadian children lives in poverty;
  • A startling 40 per cent of low-income children live in families where at least one of their parents works full-time year round – they’re the working poor;
  • Children in racialized, new Canadian and Aboriginal families as well as children with disabilities are at greater risk of living in poverty.
More Information

"760,000 Canadian kids growing up poor: report" - November 20, Associated Press (Link removed June 2011 - No longer exists)