Saskatchewan report recommends poverty reduction for better health

A report by the Saskatoon Health Region looks at poverty-reduction policy and programs in other places to determine how Saskatchewan could lift people out of poverty and reduce the health gap between the rich and poor. The report makes forty-six recommendations and how they were implemented in other jursediction including:

  • Set Measurable Goals to Reduce Poverty
    • Reduce poverty in children from 20% to 2% in five years
    • Reduce poverty in all residents from 17% to 10% in five years

    In Ireland, a target was set in 1997 to reduce the percentage of the population living in poverty from 15% to 10% in ten years. Within four years, the poverty rate had already fallen from 15% to 5%. The success observed in Ireland was attributed to the setting of a goal; followed by changes in social programs including increases in social assistance payments, then educational programs and then employment initiatives.

  • Ensure No Child Lives in Poverty
    • Parents with children who are on social assistance should have their shelter allowances and their adult allowances (i.e., food, clothing) doubled in order to raise children to the LICO.

    Although every resident is important, the prioritization of children was a key strategy within poverty reduction plans in the United Kingdom, Sweden and Quebec.

More Information

"Province takes steps to help poor, minister says" - November 15, 2008, The Star Phoenix